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Massage Therapy & Well-being


Our story

In the fabric of our family history, we have threads of cultural diversity, with roots that go deep in the fertile soil of Argentina and are nurtured by the traditions of Spanish, Italian, and Armenian ancestors. The adventure that our grandparents started in search of new opportunities has become the legacy we carry in our hearts today.


Driven by a great desire for growth and self-improvement, two cousins have embarked on a bold journey, being guided by the shared dream of expanding their professional horizons with the same enthusiasm and commitment that have characterized us throughout the generations.


We are honored to share our story and legacy with you, inviting you to be part of our journey.


At AURA, we are proud to offer a massage experience that goes beyond the conventional. Our aim is not only to relax the body but also to nurture the spirit, adopting a holistic approach that addresses both the physical and emotional well-being of our clients, providing quality service and excellence. We combine specialized techniques to provide lasting relief and a sense of total renewal. 


Welcome to AURA, our space for your well-being!

Meet Amelia

Our team

Why Naturopathy

Why do you need a massage therapy?

For all these benefits



Research has shown that massage can facilitate digestion and reduce symptoms such as bloating and discomfort.


Fatigue is a challenge that most of us have in our daily lives. We offer a variety of massage services to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. 


Massage therapy is a powerful tool for detoxification and can help eliminate toxins from the body. 

Salud, Health

General health

Studies have shown that regular massage therapy has a positive impact on people's mental and physical health, helping to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, and reducing muscle tension and pain.


Studies also have shown that massage therapy can significantly reduce stress level, so if you're feeling overwhelmed, book your session today.

Contact us at AURA today to book your session!


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AURA (dúo)

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